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Why our Kids get Adjusted.....

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

Patients at our practice were asked why they choose to get their kids's adjusted...and these were their replies:

  • To build healthy foundations for life. E.F
  • To allow her body to function in it's natural, healthy state. D.F
  • Because Dr. C makes them feel better. P.B
  • Because Oliver loves Dr. Crystal and since his home birth has received Chiropractic care. J.M
  • So she can play on the playground and not require breathing treatments! R.W
  • Because sleeping twins means a well rested Mom. N.Z
  • To allow my children to express life to the fullest potential. K.B
  • To live a balanced life. T.L & B.L
  • To stay healthy, strong and full of love. C.P
  • Brings us a little closer and we can give big hugs and kiddie back rubs without any shrieks or tears. G.S