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Improved Energy and Digestion, Less Headaches & Back Pain

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

Why did you originally seek chiropractic care?
  • Intermittent back pain
What made you choose Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre?
  • Promo at Wells Fargo
Can you briefly describe your experience with chiropractic to date?
  • Fabulous; very cheerful, caring staff where I've learned a lot about my health and well being.
What differences have you seen in your health and well being following Chiropractic care (for example; quality sleep, improved digestion, more energy, enhanced immunity)?
  • No more back pain, more energy, improved digestion, little to no headaches.
How has Chiropractic impacted your personal life, family life and/or professional life?
  • Made me more aware of how my body is affected by diet exercise and my environment. I also feel more guilty when I ware high heels.
Is there anything you can do now that you couldn't do prior to starting care?
  • Improved flexibility.
If you are now symptom free/have minimal symptoms, why do you continue to get adjusted regularly?
  • Maintain my health.
Have you had your children/loved ones' nervous systems checked and/or recommended our practice to others?
  • Yes, thank you!

- S.H.