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Advocate for Preventative Chiropractic Care

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

Why did you originally seek chiropractic care?
  • It has always been a regular part of health care in my family.
What made you choose Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre?
  • Came highly recommended by a colleague, just moved to STL.
Can you briefly describe your experience with chiropractic to date?
  • Maintenance and extra care if I sustain an injury.
What differences have you seen in your health and well being following Chiropractic care (for example; quality sleep, improved digestion, more energy, enhanced immunity)?
  • Recovery from accident, relief from migraines (separate occasion), support and peace of mind to shift my way of being from hectic to peaceful. Tools to deal with the hectic times.
If you are now symptom free / have minimal symptoms, why do you continue to get adjusted regularly?
  • Maintenance.
Have you had your children/loved ones' nervous systems checked and / or recommended our practice to others? Why or why not?
  • Yes, because I have found it helpful.

- J.K.