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No More Missed Work = No More Lost Income

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

Dr. Crystal,

Where to start? This past weekend I was with a friend who is in terrible back pain. I suggested she contact your office to see if you can help her. While talking with her, I realized I needed to let you know how I feel about the treatment you have given to my husband, Chris.

It probably has been three years ago, Chris was having degenerative arthritis pain in his lower back to the point he was seeing a specialist to find out if he was a candidate for back surgery. He ended up with two injections in his lower back and has not been back to see the specialist since. The reason why isn't the two injections he received. The weekend before he went back to see the specialist and got the injections we met you and April at the "Taste of St. Louis" function downtown. April did a quick scan and you talked to Chris about his pain. We scheduled him an appointment to get a full spinal scan in your office.

Let the WOW begin. First, the most important thing I remember from our first visit with you is you told Chris "I cannot heal you but I can help you and your body manage the pain." And this you have. Until Chris started seeing you on a regular basis, he would miss work, sometimes a week at a time, because his back would go out. He thought lying around would be best and it took a lot time for him to be able to move around without pain. Being a roofer, back pain is part of the job but when you can't climb a ladder you don't work, you don't get paid. Since that first visit Chris has taken your recommendation of continued adjustments, changing eating habits, exercise, movement and the all important stretching to heart. Now when he feels his back pinch, he will take the time to change his sitting pattern and do more stretching to work out the kink. Since starting and continuing your scan, adjustments and rescan program, Chris has not missed work due to his back problem.

With this I am extremely appreciative, but there is more. My parents live in northern Arkansas and we try to visit them every few months. Sitting in the truck for 3 hours, sleeping in a strange bed and traveling back home for 3 hours is hard on Chris' back. There have been a few times when we get home and Chris can hardly move. So what do we do; call your office and explain the situation and you work with us to get Chris in as soon as possible for an adjustment. You don't know how grateful we are for that dedication to his well being.

You are truly an asset in our life. I may not have the back trouble but I have Chris. When he is in pain, it hurts both of us. With you and your office staff/family, we are blessed with a new sense of light beyond the pain. Thank you for your support and devotion to your patient's health.

JC (for husband-CC)