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Persistent Back Pain

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

1) What brought you into our practice?

Persistent back pain, especially in the upper middle of my spine.

2) Can you describe your experience with us?

Very warm and personable. The staff has been concerned about all aspects of my health, not just my spine. They listen to what hurts and adjusts techniques to make me feel better. I can move now, whereas when I started with Lafayette Square Chiropractic I couldn't. My neck was especially stiff, and I had limited range of motion when turning my head while driving. Now, I can whip my head around in any direction!

3) What differences have you seen in your health and well being following Chiropractic care?

I'm no longer acutely aware of my spine. This means that the pain that sent me to Lafayette Square Chiropractic no longer exists as a daily part of my life. Sure, I have occasional twinges, but they're just that, occasional and just twinges rather than the ache that would often make me nauseous.

4) How has Chiropractic impacted your personal life, family life and/or professional life?

I'm more mobile now, which means I can walk more and bend better. I'm up for activities that involve movement rather than sitting. Now when I'm with friends, we play mini golf rather than sitting in a restaurant. And my dog is getting more walks!

5) Would you recommend our office to your family and or friends? If so why?

I absolutely would! Lafayette Square Chiropractic cares about the whole person. I can talk with the doctors at LSCC about any thing concerning my health, from my back to my legs to my work and my eating plan. Nothing is off limits. I can be this open because I know I'm in a safe environment. And ending each session with a hug makes me feel even better! Physical contact is vitally necessary for optimum health, and the squeezes I get do as much for my emotional health as the adjustments do for my physical. Lafayette Square Chiropractic is a warm and welcoming environment, and the team there are blessings to their patients.

- J.K.