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Used to be Skeptical...

My name is Liz and I would like to share with you my experience of chiropractic care to date.

I grew up hearing stories of chiropractic care gone wrong, so I've been scared of getting adjusted my whole life. Even when friends would extol the benefits of care, I brushed it off. Overall, I was fairly healthy, so nothing compelled me to think I needed a chiropractor.

Then in November I started having serious back pain. Within just a few days, I reached a point at which I could barely walk, and I had to roll in order to get out of my car. I felt I'd aged 40 years. Driving was incredibly painful, which was a real problem as I spend many hours a day in my car. My fiance' has seen Dr. Crystal for years, so he helped me to weigh the options between seeking traditional medical advice-which likely meant x-rays and drugs-versus chiropractic care. I was skeptical, but agreed to make an appointment to see Dr. Crystal.

Within minutes of talking to Dr. Crystal, she had assessed my problem, provided a solution, and had me walking normally. It felt like a miracle. Through regular care, I was back to normal in just a few weeks. In the three months since then I have continued care, and my overall health, energy, and well-being have improved. I highly recommend Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre and Dr. Crystal!

- Liz C.