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Immobile to Thankful

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

1) What brought you into our practice?

I had been trying to get into Lafayette Square Chiropractic for quite some time because of the great reputation and because of your convenient location.

When I finally came in unfortunately I was in great pain and almost completely immobile. I had "thrown out" my back-which has happened a number of times in my life, but this was by far the worst incident. It was so severe that I could not walk without the aid of two canes (I actually used golf clubs-wedges-suggested to me by my husband, and they worked well). When Dr. Crystal first saw me getting out of my car in front of LSCC office she thought I was a M.S. patient, I was having that much trouble walking.

2) Can you describe your experience with us?

I have been to three other chiropractic offices in the past, none compares to my fantastic experience at LSCC.

The doctor immediately gave me an extended meeting to assess my problems and to try to alleviate my pain. I couldn't believe there was a doctor willing to come into the office over the weekend so that I could be seen on three consecutive days. Even after the first day I felt significantly better; when we were done with the initial set of visits I was able to walk normally and participate in my life again.

Although I have now been in maintenance care for a number of months, I choose to come in on a weekly basis because every single time I come in I walk out feeling a significant change in my body. Thankfully I have had no more severe back issues - partially thanks to the ongoing care I've received – but even when I walk in feeling fine, I walk out feeling better.

Every single time I meet with the doctors at LSCC they take the time to carefully assess my condition. They don't do the same routine every time, it is totally customized to my body's particular issues at the time. They never rush, always taking the time to make sure all of my issues are addressed.

3) Would you recommend our office to your family and or friends? If so why?

Definitely. I already have. For all the reasons I've stated above.

- G.S.