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A Cyclist's Recommendation

By the time I made the call to schedule my initial appointment at Lafayette Square Chiropractic, my newly-relocated-to-St Louis body was way overdue for some chiropractic care. Dr. Crystal and April came very highly recommended by my HR specialist, and, as I have come to learn over the past year and a half, many of my fellow Purina employees are also happily helped on a regular basis at Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre.

The healing began with my first conversation with April. Her demeanor is incredibly reassuring and her warm professionalism is wonderfully accommodating. Dr. Crystal follows through with concentration on a holistic view of care. There was no wasted time in the waiting room or in the exam room. Her adjustments were focused and precise but at the same time she made it clear that true healing goes beyond the table into lifestyle.

I truly feel that the team works with me; they have made me a partner in my own healing process. I can continue to do my best at a physically demanding job and still have the energy and strength to give it my all while participating in my many bicycling pursuits.

Thank you to everyone at Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre.

- A.H.