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Happy Mom, Happy Family

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

1) What brought you into our practice?

I myself started coming to the practice when I met the Lafayette Square Chiropractic family at a health fair at my work. During one of my adjustments everyone was asking how my daughter Emily was doing and I filled them in on her, she was 3 and we were continuously having issues with allergies and asthma. Emily had to take a nebulizer treatment 3 times a day for 15 min a session. She absolutely hated it but it made her feel better and more energetic.

2) Can you describe your experience with us?

From the moment I met the staff at Lafayette Square Chiropractic I knew we had made the right choice. Everyone there knows me and my family very well. It started off with just me in their care and after only a handful of appointments I brought in my daughter to get adjusted. Just recently my husband has made the switch from another chiropractic to receive care from Dr. Crystal at the practice as well.

3) What differences have you seen in your health and well being following Chiropractic care (for example; quality sleep, improved digestion, more energy, enhanced immunity?

In just myself, I have seen huge differences since getting adjusted by the LSCC team, I have better digestion, I can stand for long periods of time without lower back pain, I can definitely attest to the enhanced immunity. This was the first year I did not have a flu shot and the first year in over 10 years that I have not gotten the flu or had any allergy issues.

The most incredible difference has been in my daughter. Since seeing the doctors at LSCC she has not had to take one breathing treatment, she sleeps better through the night, she is more outgoing and she too has not had a flu shot or seen her pediatrician due to any problems since her last regular check-up.

4) How has Chiropractic impacted your personal life, family life and/or professional life?

Since my initial visit with Lafayette Square Chiropractic I have lost almost 15 lbs and feel healthier, I can sit at my desk job without feeling fatigue; I can drive better because I never realized the motion in my neck was limited compared to what it could be. I have been able to stop taking my medication for depression/anxiety. All of these things combined with my daughter's benefits of not needing continual medication and doctor visits we have been able to save triple of what we have spent in chiropractic costs.

My family's life style has tremendously changed; we take time to do physical activities such as family walks, camping, boating, Emily has joined cheerleading and swim lessons. We try to eat better because we can feel the difference it has on our bodies and with the clinical scans/technology that LSCC uses we are always continuously trying to compete to see who can take the best care of their body, who has improved more, and we look back at how our changes have affected that improvement along with regular adjustments.

5) Is there anything you can do now that you couldn't do prior to care?

I myself can stand for longer than 10 min in one place. I can walk 5 miles without any back pain, I can pick my daughter up and carry her, I can help her out with school activities and sports without having to think twice or take previously prescribed pain killers beforehand.

My daughter can now go to school and on trips without lugging her 10 lb bag that contains her nebulizer, her medicine, and doctor's notes. She can sleep thru the night and has less nighttime potty training accidents.

6) Would you recommend our office to your family and or friends? If so why?

I would recommend LSCC to all my friends and family. Mainly because they make you feel like they are your friends and family. From the moment you walk in the door and meet April you will feel you are in the company of someone you have known and trusted for years. All of the doctors truly work with you to make you feel better and make sure your entire family is in good health. My 3 year old daughter asks to be adjusted and knows when she is not feeling right. From the moment she walked in the door and met April, Crystal, Stella, Echo, and Kenna she felt at home.

- R. W.

"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

~Mae West