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Chiropractic during Pregnancy (TWINS!) and for Kids is a Must!

Lafayette Square Chiropractic Centre Review

My venture into chiropractic care began as a coincidence. I had bought a silent auction basket that included a free analysis and session with Lafayette Square, as well as a massage (it was honestly more for the massage though). A few weeks later when sledding at Art Hill, I went back first into a frozen hay bail. When the pain persisted and made it difficult to even shift my car, I called to make an appointment! After the analysis confirmed how out of whack my back was, I was shocked and delighted to feel better after just one adjustment. In the coming months, I moved to bi-weekly adjustments which helped keep me moving while training for a half marathon. All this time, the adjustments always felt good and enjoyed talking with the team at LSCC, but I didn't "believe" in the hype.

The events that followed starting in July 2011 from me liking adjustments into a true believer and forever patient of chiropractic. After finding out I was pregnant with twins (and recovered from the shock), I scoured the internet for reasons why I should not continue getting adjusted while pregnant. I could not find one! After my OB didn't have any concerns, I broke the news to my doctor at LSCC (before telling some friends and family even!). I was immediately assured that continuing to get adjusted through the pregnancy would benefit all three of us, so I kept going every other week. Here are the facts that I 100% attribute to staying well adjusted while pregnant:

  • My back only hurt for 5 total days of my pregnancy
  • My ankles NEVER swelled and my face or hands didn't get puffy
  • Typical pregnancy sway-back never happened
  • The boys experienced zero complications during the high risk identical twin pregnancy (to the shock of my doctors)
  • When I developed Bell's Palsy at 7 1/2 months, LSCC was my second phone call and stop after my doctor. My face is 100% recovered without taking steroids.
  • Bed rest was never contemplated, which is nearly guaranteed for most twin pregnancies
  • I carried my boys through 38 weeks
  • To the shock of everyone, they weighed 7.6 and 8.8 lbs and are perfect!

All three of us love our adjustments every two weeks. The boys sleep well, have fewer complications from teething than friends babies, have not had worse than a mild head cold, and are happy, big and healthy! Thank you to the team at Lafayette Square Chiropractic for everything you do!

- N.Z